Yummy Edible Marshmallow Play Dough


Our 2nd venture into the world of play dough was much tastier than last night’s dough. Though the all natural dough is edible, it’s not very tasty. This dough is the equivalent of marshmallow taffy goodness plus it is super fun to play with. It holds it structure much better than flour dough as well!!!


1 Bag of Marshmallows
1 Box of Powdered Sugar
1 Box Assorted Food Dyes


Use a double boiler style method to melt your marshmallows or if you use microwaves, melt until there is a smooth consistency.


Once melted, start slowly stirring in your powdered sugar. Once it gets hard to stir, start mixing with your hands. If you’re afraid of dirty hands, I suggest gloves for this part.


Once your dough is a stiff texture, almost like pulling taffy, seperate your dough into balls. Make sure to seperate enough for all your assorted colors.


At this stage you are all ready to go and can start your fun play. Enjoy yourself, thats the point! Here are some creations my Tiny and I made!



I hope you all have fun creating and eating! Thanks folks!


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