Jason Hemp Lotion Review


I absolutely adore hemp products! I fully support switching from wood paper products to hemp paper products. Hempcrete, a hemp alternative to concrete is much stronger and more weather resistant than its leading competitor. Every winter I get horrendously dry skin. I’ve tried many lotions before and when I saw this one in the natural section of my local store, I figured why not? I love hemp products! One of my favorite store bought granolas has hemp seeds in it. They offer much more protein than a peanut!

So here is the lotion:



The product says for best results to apply on damp, freshly washed hands. I didn’t do that, though my hands were clean. Here are some pictures of before and after I applied the lotion on my hands.




As you can tell, I get really badly dry and cracked skin. Sometimes, cracks so bad, my hands bleed. So far after 2 days of 2 seperate applications, my hands feel a lot better. Overall, I like the product and am waiting to see what results I get after a week’s use. Hope this was helping if you decide to try this lotion! Thanks folks!


2 thoughts on “Jason Hemp Lotion Review

  1. If you liked that you would like Hemp based CO2 extracted CBD oil. Check out page 5 of the website below for info on the purity and toxin free extraction process. And because it is Hemp and has not THC it IS legal (see pg 3). Shoot me an email if you want to know more about this amazing company & the health benefits of their product.

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