Quitting Stogs, Stages of Action

As an individual orientated towards a natural lifestyle, I have to admit I smoke cigarettes. It is a path I started down five years ago when I was 21 or 22 years old. Though I quit while pregnant, I started smoking again after the birth of my son. It is a succubus energy that has claimed me for far too long.


As a college student, I know the cons of smoking. I’m in a class right now titled ‘Lifetime Health and Fitness’. We are using the 11th edition text ‘Fit and Well: Core Concepts of Fitness,’ by Fahey. One of the leading causes of death in the U.S. is cancer. One of the leading cancers is lung cancer which is mainly caused by cigarette smoke inhalation.


I try to be more health conscious and only smoke American Spirit’s Organic and Natural Cigarettes. At, it’s core it’s scapegoating and I’m beginning to fully absorb that fact. A few years back, the smaller company that made my cigarettes was bought out by one of the bigger American industrial cigarette companies. So the standards have changed anyways. Now that I can not only accept but also absorb all this information, I’m ready to quit. I’ve even picked a date. By my son’s second birthday in early May, I’ll no longer be a cigarette smoker. I wanted this year to be one for purification in my life and it’s fitting to purify myself from the toxin. Regardless of the enjoyment, because there is some in the act of smoking, I now see the white horse effect. Just like I have heard of hard drugs, that first cigarette is usually awesome. If you smoke like five cigarettes a day, perhaps you can achieve the real enjoyment of each cigarette. Most smokers I know, including myself cannot withhold from the stog hunger long enough to do so. It is merely a satisfaction of commiting the act, feeding the cigarette succubus. So what am I doing to quit? Am I cold quitting, using patches/ gum, taking prescriptions, etc.? No, none of the above. I’m starting my journey by slow withdrawl. I’m starting by 10 cigarettes a day, for one month, five a day the next and so on. It is not just about the physical withdrawl, there are many of our systems, cigarettes attack. The time and money can be saved or transitioned into other ventures. How can I stop the mental attachment? Rubber band method, pinching myself, etc.. These all have potential to work, as a habit becomes concrete after 21 days of repitition. However, I do not want to hurt myself nor let my son see me doing so. So I’ll try positive affirmations in a reward type system based at specific intervals. Ill also try further investigations into methods of detachment. I understand this is a hard attachment to fight, but with enough motivation anything is possible. No excuses, just do it.


In my ‘Religions of the Eastern World,’ one of our studies was on Buddhism. Buddha was the king of detachment and I hope to attain some of his peace on my situation. I think meditation, can offer a lot of benefits when it comes to quitting smoking. Calming the mind, especially all of our internal dialogue is key to attaining peace from our wants.


I will also further delve into the world of wellness and all its factors.
I hope this has offered some enlightenment into how personal battles can be. With enough self love and selfless love, anything is possible! THANKS FOLKS!


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