Oregon: New Weed Capitol of the U.S.?


I’ve been a resident and lover of Oregon for awhile now, six to seven years. I moved here from Washington after a relocation from California, were I was born. I really enjoy Oregon for it’s nature and clean air. There are trees that are green year round in giant forests where you can find beautiful hot springs in the most picturesque settings. Huge rockfaces jutting out the ground and shooting into the air that would enthrall any rock climbing enthusiast can easily be found right next to a gorgeously fresh river in some of our eastern deserts. Oregon has a variety of climates and environments to offer for any individual. We are known for our hipsters and old school hippies, our retired dot comers and adulthood where you never have to grow up. So what is it like in a totally receptive Oregonian atmosphere to be a newly legalized recreational marijauna state?


Well it’s pretty awesome! As a state we are bringing in so much new revenue we probably will not know what to do with it! Oregon over any of the newly legalized states has ginormous first year numbers. We more than doubled Colorado’s sales! 11 million dollars in less than a year!
2015 (July- December) stats:



So what does the deeper picture look like? Well, dispensaries are popping up on every corner in even the smallest towns faster than Starbucks. That really was not a surprise as the medical industry rose over the last few years. You have dispensaries like here in the Capitol that try to market to certain clientele such as offering lounges with gaming systems or certain flavors of weed.


What you have not seen but expect is businesses popping up purely for the cannabis consumer like you do in Colorado. I mean the hotels that offer stoner vacations, or delivery services for the dispensaries, cannabis tours, cannabis malls, and even more different types of new businesses.


So Oregon is an open market with plenty of revenue to be made for start up businesses and the like. By October later this year, the OLCC will be handing out approved licenses for new businesses. It’s an exciting period of time and history is being made. Oregon is only in it’s beginning stages of bloom in this booming industry. If you have the right motivation, now is the time for profit. Thanks Folks!



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